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When we first started the company in June 2018 it was a stressful time, our first born son arrived just a month before, and we had two children we were fostering as well. Also the company Jacob was working for at the time was struggling so we did not know when we were getting paid, which happened over several months. This slowly depleted our savings.
However, our story is also full of hope and joy. When we were going through these financial troubles and after our first born son arrived; we were given an anonymous gift of just over two thousand dollars from people, at Elim Chapel, the church we attend. So with this gift and the little savings we had left, we started our company. Now Jacob got his dream of starting his own renovation company and to support his family, which he had this dream since he was a teenager. We are truly blessed.


Our faith in God is very important to us so we wanted a company that would reflect that, as well as having a meaning in the renovation industry. New Covenant which in biblical terms means new promise we have through Jesus (John 3:16). We also wanted to promise something new to our customer’s by treating them as our friend’s this is shown by being honest, humble, respectful while also working hard to do quality work. Practically that looks like our team cleaning up well after themselves on site, not booking too much work so we can’t meet the deadlines we told our customers and humbly fixing our mistakes if you find a problem with the installation, you will not pay the final amount owing until you are completely satisfied with the job. As for Re-Creation in the biblical sense it means to be a new creation in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17). In renovations we also wanted to recreate our customer’s homes and turn something they don’t like into something they love. If you have no idea where to start to recreate your home we can give you some ideas whatever style you choose.


What makes us different is our approach on the business to customer relationship. We don't believe that you are our next pay cheque, as that would make us only interested in selling you things that may not be the best option for you. If our customer is looking at saving money we inform them of upcoming promotions and provide advice on how they can do part of the job themselves if they wish to. We truly are here to serve you and to get you the results that you want, the highest quality products within your budget, and the finished product that you've been wanting. Every inch of our process is continually fine tuned in order to insure a smooth road to completion. We at NCR believe that through our core values, great things can happen. So that is what we strive for in every interaction.


NCR is a renovations company, but what does that entail? We do work in kitchen and bathroom renovations, all types of flooring, finished basements, trim work (base molding, window and door casings, crown moldings), and many more skills. We recently have added building sheds seasonally in the Spring & Summer starting 2020. If we feel that we can not complete a specific area of work, we have connections with reputable, local businesses that we can recommend such as plumbing or electrical. We will always follow the law and get a licensed professional to complete that section of work.

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